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Monday, 17 October 2016

How to Unlock MY Snapchat Account and Get Your Account Active

Posted by Kowsalya Nathan 3 Comments
How to Unlock My Snapchat Account:  The best conversation app for all iPhone users is snapchat we all know about this. Now you are here because I think your snapchat account is locked right. This is not only for you, it happened to a lot of snapchat users for the past few months. It is a common problem now so here in this post I will tell or guide you how to unlock your locked snapchat account by few easy steps. try to look this How to use snapchat properly .

How to unlock snapchat
How to unlock snapchat 
Before Going to that why this thing is happening why they are locking the accounts. The following are the reasons behind why snapchat account is getting locked by snapchat team.

Allso See:

Reasons of Snapchat Getting Locked:

Unlock snapchat account in windows phone
Unlock snapchat account in windows phone
  • Snapchat user is like to use the related phantom, Cydia is popular jailbreak tweak between the users. Be that as it may, the late crackdown of Snapchat has left clients dispossessed of this superb change, which permits them to parody areas, spare media, set custom warning sounds and the sky is the limit from there. So snapchat gets locked because of this tweaks.
  • Using third party application or tweaks to use snapchat on your device is the main reason.
  • Adding too many friends before get verified your account from snapchat team.
  • Sending an unwanted and spamming messages or images this will also be the reason.

Steps to Unlock Your Snapchat Account :

how to unlock snapchat account on iphone
                how to unlock snapchat account on iphon                         
  • Please, you should remove any snapchat tweak that you have already like phantom Go to Cydia on your iPhone →Then click on Install from bottom → Now click on Phantom Cydia Tweak →Click on Modify → Tap on Remove from Pop-up options.
  • If you have received a message from snapchat team like your snapchat account is temporarily locked. And try to login after few days.  At this time you can visit here to unlock snapchat account. Try to uninstall all the third party applications or plugins from  your windows phone or another iphone before try to unlock your account.we are sorry, you are unable to unlock your account at this time.
  • If the above process is not working you can also send an email to snapchat team about your problem like account locked. And wait for their response
  • If they didn’t respond your mail now it's time to use social media raise a complaint and tweet that and tag with @snapchatsupport This will help you surely.
  • First of all windows phone user are affected by this problem why because they are not having an official snapchat application and should wait for that.

Okay, guys, these are all the steps and solutions to unlock your snapchat account. Try to share your thoughts using the below comment box.

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snapchat trophies.

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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Snapchat Unknown Hidden Features - Complete Tips

Posted by Kowsalya Nathan 5 Comments
Snapchat Unknown Hidden Features - Complete Tips:  Features of Snapchat is very difficult to find all unknown features are now revealed here try to read the complete post to get more exciting features of this wonderful application called Snapchat Features.

Snapchat Features
Snapchat Features
You know Snapchat making trends in social media now so using these tricks will make your snap more unique so try to read complete post and apply that feature.

Snapchat Features -Use 2 Filters at Same Time:

I think you will not try this one. It is simple to use and very effective to your snap. First, you need to take a snap or select any snap which your want.

Snapchat Filters
Snapchat Filters
Next, You will get an editor screen of your Snap in that you can just swap your finger on the snap from right to left or left to right you can see the filters and select any one filter now to apply another filter you just hold the finger in the screen use any other finger to swap again on the screen now you can apply another filter also in the same snap it is pretty simple and cool right just try it, buddy.

Two-Step Security Verification For Your Snapchat Account:

Nowadays double verification is very important social media application. so here you can add two-step verification very easily in this Snapchat application. so after you add this feature if you try to sign in with another device it will ask you the security code via SMS.

Follow the steps below to activate this two-step security:

1. Go to app's settings.
2. Select "login verification".

Snapchat feature Tips
Snapchat features Tips 
You can also change your verification number which will use to get the verification code.

Extra Text Space For Your Snaps.

A convenient approach to dodging as far as possible is utilizing the Notes application. Select a scope of clear content and duplicate it to your clipboard. At that point, open Snapchat and glue it into the content field in your snap.
It is very simple to do and you will get a larger space to share your thoughts in multiple lines enjoy.

Adding AudioTo your Snapchat Videos:

This is very awesome feature dude. Snapchat Features gives you a chance to add your own one of a kind music to your snap recordings and it's entirely simple. You should simply play the tune you need in your video through a music player application on your cell phone. At the point when the melody is playing, simply ahead and record a video on Snapchat. That is it and when you play the video, the music will be a piece of the video.

Enable Travel Mode To Reduce Data Wastage:

Gratefully, Snapchat incorporates a cool "Travel Mode", which decreases portable information utilization by not stacking any snaps consequently. At the point when the Travel Mode is empowered, you will need to physically tap to load content like snaps or stories. It's incapacitated as a matter of course, so you will need to make a beeline for application's Settings->Manage (Additional Services) and empower Travel Mode.

Add Friends By Location:

This feature is completely different from other social media application like WhatsApp and Facebook. in this feature, you can search people by their location and you can send a request to get them in your friend list. Today everyone is eager to get interact with new people that is unknown persons so to full fill snap chat really will help you guys. 

Most of the people don't know how to add friends and family people from various methods. Just swipe down the home screen of the snap chat application. You will get the menu from that choose add friends then you can see the list of add friends methods like 
  • Add by Username
  • Add from Address Book
  • Add by Snapcode
  • Add Nearby
Now select "Add Nearby" option It will Search For the person who is nearly using snapcat and you can get the list of friends you can send request easily by select them.

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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Snapchat PC Download or Computer Laptop Download Guide

Posted by Kowsalya Nathan 7 Comments
Snapchat PC Download or Computer or Laptop Download Guide

Lotof new Features are added in snapchat this year Most of the features are unknown. If You try to use those things and tips for your snap it will definitely help your snap to reach in social media.

Best Snapchat Features Latest 2016.

Hi buddies today you will learn how to download and use the trending application Snapchat PC or on your computer or your laptop please stick with me to know more about snapchat and download guide. Okay let’s start I think you know very well about snapchat but anyways I will give you the short notes of what is snapchat pc and how to use snapchat pc effectively.

Snapchat pc download
Snapchat pc download
Now a day’s people are really trending they want to get update daily this is a reason why snapchat pc got this huge response from all over the world. For the past few years, these kind of social media or networking applications are getting more attraction among the teenagers. from orkut to now snapchat .People are changing their application based on the new technologies.

What is Snapchat PC

Facebook make a huge change and make lot of people to use them. After that watsapp came into picture that make a millions of downloads in the play stores not only in android all other platforms like windows, MAC and blackberry now people are getting bored by this traditional texting and messaging apps so Evan Spiegel the founder of snapchat pc take a different idea so their idea got a big hit now. snapchat  is developed in 2013 but now this making a trend in the online. What are the difference features in snapchat pc compare go other apps

Yes, there is a lot of difference between the other app compare with snapchat PC. Now also most of the people don’t know how to use snapchat pc properly and how to all features of snapchat so in this site we will reveal all the features and how to use those features stay tuned.

Features of Snapchat PC

  • In snapchat pc we can send text messages and it is famous for sharing snaps or photos with your friends.
  • Snapchat pc has a feature called snapchat stories this is simply awesome and easy to create your own stories (snapchat stories are nothing but a short video).
  • This snapchat pc app contains lot of snapchat filters to edit your snaps or photos.
  • snapchat pc have more effects to make your snaps very effective and change the entire snap.
  • We can discover more friends without contacts.
  • The snaps which you share from snapchat pc will not store in any location.
  • snapchat pc contains lot of different editing tools to edit texts and fonts.
  • We can add friends by their snapcodes.
  • These are all the different features of snapchat.
Snapchat pc features
Snapchat pc features

Snapchat pc is Available for All Kind of OS They are:

How to download and use snapchat PC or computer.

You can use this snapchat PC on your desktop (computer) to use this we need to download the application from the app store to your computer to do all the things please follow the below steps.

To use snapchat PC you need to integrate a web camera on your system to take snaps and vides to share with your friends and family.

You need android emulators to use an (snapchat PC) android application on any computer. First you need to download the best android emulators I will suggest you some android emulators below.
2. Andy

Steps to Download and Use Snapchat PC Using Bluestacks:

It is very easy and quick to download bluestacks application from the bluestacks website. so just download the bluestacks and run the application then connect that with your mobile now you need to follow the below steps.

Bluestacks fundamentally remakes an Android device on both snapchat pc Mac and Windows, which then engages you to download any Android application and use it on a PC - an astute segment to have if you have to use it on a more noteworthy screen.

Snapchat pc windows
Snapchat pc windows
Step 1. Open bluestacks and search for play store.

Step 2. Open Play store and search for snapchat you will get the the application.

Step 3. Then just install the application snapchat PC.

Step 4. After install the application made some hardware setups like mike and camera settings.

This is how you can install snapchat pc after that you can enjoy with your snaps.

Languages Available In Snapchat PC:

This snapchat pc is available in few languages below.
  • English (US)
  • Dansk
  • Deutsch
  • English (UK)
  • Español
  • Français
  • Italiano
  • Nederlands
  • 日本語
  • Norsk
  • Português (Brasil)
  • Suomi
  • Svenska

Snapchat PC download for Windows 7,8,XP

It would be ideal if you take after the beneath ventures to introduce the snapchat pc this is not that much troublesome assignment its simple. 


In the event that you are utilizing any sort of OS like windows or Mac first thing is you ought to download best android emulators like Andy or Bluestaks. 


After download the emulators on your desktop you can get to the android applications on your pc then from the emulators application store hunt down snapchat pc. 


After found the application simply tap the introduce catch then it will begin download the application for your pc. 


At that point permit your camera and mouthpiece to utilize every one of the elements of snapchat on your pc you ought to coordinate the camera appropriately snapchat pc immediately open the camera first to take snap and video so camera combination is first thing.

Snapchat pc Tricks 2016:

1 .Can Use Two filters at once in snapchat pc.

On the off chance that you basically can't pick between a geofilter and one of Snapchat pc photograph filters, uplifting news: You don't need to. To utilize a mix, swipe over your photograph as you ordinarily would to include the primary filter.

At that point, hold down on the screen with one finger and precisely swipe over the photograph with another finger to include the second channel. This may take a few tries to position your fingers accurately, yet the outcome is utilizing two channels all the while.

2. Two step verification for your snapchat pc account.

Any individual who utilizes Snapchat a great deal knows the application can be a battery swine. Be that as it may, the application has an implicit element that rations your valuable information: travel mode. 

Whenever empowered, the component keeps snaps and stories from downloading consequently. Rather, clients pick when they need to stack a snap or a story. Head to the application's settings, and locate the "Extra Services" menu, select "Oversee" to control when travel mode is on,

3. We can you flight mode to save snapchat pc data.

4. You can add friends by using nearby option in this option there is no need of knowing the person before it means you can add them without their contact info. this is pretty good right.

Use  the above steps and install the snapchat pc then share your photos and videos with your lovable one and family happy snapping!!!!

Watch this video to install snapchat PC


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Monday, 25 July 2016

Instructions to Use Snapchat Faces In -7 Easy Steps

Posted by Kowsalya Nathan

Easy snapchat faces steps:- 

Hi friends,In case you're a Snapchat faces amateur, not a devotee of online networking, or can't be tried to overhaul your smartphone, you've presumably spent the previous week considering how to utilize Snapchat faces or, in case you're beyond 25 years old, pondering what the hell they are in any case. Why is everybody vomiting rainbows on Instagram out of the blue? How are individuals making their eyes seem as though they just strolled off the arrangement of a Lady Gaga music video? What is going on? 

In the event that this applies to you, never fear! Your inhabitant Bustle Snapchat faces master is here to let you know all that you have to think about how to utilize Snapchat faces lenses. I've broadly expounded about the new overhaul some time recently, so I'll adhere to the rudiments for the reasons for this . As you've without a doubt made sense of at this point, Snapchat faces discharged another overhaul a week ago which contains a wide range of clever new components: Trophies, additional replays for individuals willing to fork over $0.99, and, obviously, lenses. We have lenses to thank for the rainbow vomit plague clearing the country, and additionally any of the other strangely proportioned Snaps you've been accepting in the course of recent days.

according to business chance end epidemic, everyone faces fair hand insider kinds lens luck means play rainbow rotates selfies sick soon trade-off  camera chances depend on facial forward-facing going lenses recognition.

Set up Your Selfie Game:-

Camera chances depend on facial forward-facing going lenses Snapchat faces recognition.

Hold Down On Your Face:-

Hold down on the screen once you get the camera in position Snapchat faces, which ought to pull up a framework that fits your face, similar to the photo above.

Snapchat faces
Snapchat faces

Ensure It's Focused:-

In the event that you don't center the lattice effectively, odds are you'll have hearts leaving your nose. It's a cool look, yet it's most likely not what you're going for Snapchat faces realigning the network all over, simply push on the focal point of your face until it returns.

Pick Your Lens:-

Snapchat faces
Snapchat faces

At the base of the screen, you can scroll on a level plane among the accessible lenses Snapchat faces.

Take after The Directions:-

A few lenses don't require any activity to work, however, most, similar to the one presented above, request that you raise your eyebrows or play out some other little development to work. Star tip: These are perfect for open circumstances when you need to Snapchat faces, however, would prefer not to make an idiot of yourself. Then again, well, look any more silly than typical. Different lenses request that you open your mouth, which makes them more fitting for when only you're or attempting to crawl out the other individuals on the tram at 3 a.m. — despite the fact that odds are they likewise have Snapchat faces, so they'll most likely know precisely what you're doing.

Have a fabulous time!

Put on your best selfie confront, and go vomit a Few rainbows!

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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Snapchat For Mac-Get Latest update Download

Posted by Kowsalya Nathan
Snapchat For Mac-Get Latest update free Download:-  Hi friends, Snapchat for mac is one of the best informing applications accessible in the business sectors. It got such a best approach and less time period and have propelled highlight such as auto erasing snap which had made snapchat for mac public talks and discussions more secured. Individuals dependably feel that snapchat for mac application is not accessible for mac PC but rather don't stress companions. Time has changed. The unique thing of mac permits clients to utilize applications of various gadgets in snapchat for mac. This article is going to guide you how to get snapchat for mac in your mac PC.

snapchat for mac
snapchat for mac

How to use Snapchat for Mac: Get the iOS app on your Mac and MacBook:-

snapchat for mac is a to a great popular app well known application that permits you to impart recollections to companions, family and even outsiders. It's an iOS just application, however you can likewise copy an Android framework on your snapchat for Mac which permits you to utilize Snapchat on Mac

snapchat for mac
snapchat for mac
Snapchatfor mac is as of now accessible on iOS and Android, here's the way to get Snapchat on Mac
Sending Snaps to your contacts can be fun approach to friends & family with loved ones. It is regularly used to share pictures and recordings of which you wouldn't share on other online networking stages. The application has more than 100 million day by day users and is utilized by a considerable measure of famous people to share their momentous lives. Here's the way to get it on snapchat for Mac.

Step by step instructions to utilize Snapchat for Mac: How to install  Bluestacks on Mac:-

To get Snapchat for mac  taking a shot at a Mac, you're going to need to download an Android emulator - yes we know, the dull side of the power. 

Bluestacks basically re-makes an Android gadget on both snapchat for Mac and Windows, which then empowers you to download any Android application and use it on a PC - a clever component to have in the event that you need to utilize it on a greater screen. 
snapchat for mac
download  Bluestacks
To get the application, download the installer from Bluestacks' site, then take after the on-screen prompts to introduce the project. The application is allowed to download and utilize. 

Once introduced, open the project and begin setting up your Android gadget.

Keeping in mind the end goal to utilize Bluestacks you'll have to setup an Android gadget on your snapchat for Mac. This is all done through the project and will oblige you to sign into a Google account. In the event that you don't have a Google account you'll have to make one. 

Once you've marked into your Google account, you need to connection it to the Bluestacks application and record.

snapchat for mac
snapchat for mac
When setup, tap the Search symbol and search for Snapchat for mac on the Play Store (the likeness the App store). Once downloaded, open Snapchat and sign into your record, as you would on an iOS gadget. In the event that you don't have a Snapchat for mac account, you can simply set on up straightforwardly from the Blue-stacks emulator.

After Snapchat for mac has been setup you'll have the capacity to utilize it to see your friend's snaps. You can likewise send snaps in the event that you have a webcam on your Mac or Mac Book. In the event that you don't happen to have an functional webcam, you'll get numerous pop-ups illuminating you to interface a camera. To dispose of the notices over and over snap the Cancel catch and the notice will disappear.

Have some good times snapping endlessly Macworld ....enjoy

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Snapchat Emojis – Meaning of Emojis Next to Your Friend’s Name

Posted by Kowsalya Nathan
Snapchat Emojis – Meaning of Emojis Next to Your Friend’s Name:

Snapchat having a feature called Snapchat Emojis which is a best feature in snapchat today. This snapchat  Emojis feature is not available in any other social network applications so this is an unique feature of snapchat emojis. Now you will have a question like what is snapchat emojis ,why we need this snapchat emojis and what is the purpose of this snapchat emoji. Let me explain about this elaborately in this post.

snapchat emojis
snapchat emojis
This snapchat emojis are shown next to your friends name in your friends list read the following to know the meaning of those emojis:

Meanings Of Snapchat Emojis

Snapchat Emojis Baby Face:

Snapchat Emojis
Snapchat Emojis Smile with Sunglass

If you have snapchat emojis like baby face next to any of your friends name then those are” just became friends of you”.

Snapchat Emojis Smile with Sunglass:

Snapchat Emojis

If you can see snapchat emojis like smile with sunglass it means “one of your friends is one of their friends. For example you send a lot of snaps with one person similarly the same person getting lot of snaps from that person”.

Snapchat Emojis smiling Face:

Snapchat Emojis
Snapchat Emojis smiling Face

If you can see this snapchat emojis next to your friends name then “they are other best friends of yours. It means you also send a lot of snaps to this person but not the 1st best one”.

Snapchat Emojis Smirking Face:

Snapchat Emojis
Snapchat Emojis Smirking Face

If you have seen this Snapchat emojis it means “You are one of their best friends but they are not best friends of yours. They are sending lot of snaps to you but you did’t”.

Snapchat Emojis Grimacing Face:

Snapchat Emojis
Snapchat Emojis Grimacing Face

If you can see this Snapchat emojis it means “Your number 1st best friend is their 1st best friend. You send the most snaps or pics to the same person that they do simple”.

Snapchat Emojis Gold Star:

Snapchat Emojis
Snapchat Emojis Gold Star

If you can see snapchat emojis like gold star it means ” Someone has replayed to this person's snaps(pics) in the past 24 hours. They must have something interesting to show to everyone”.

Snapchat Emojis Yellow Heart:

Snapchat Emojis
Snapchat Emojis Yellow Heart

Snapchat emojis like yellow heart “You are no 1 best friends with each other. You send the most snaps to this person, and they send the most snaps to you simple to undertand right”.

Snapchat Emojis Red Heart:

Snapchat Emojis
Snapchat Emojis Red Heart

If your friends name having snapchat emojis red heart beside them then it means” You have been #1 BFs with each other for two weeks straight”.

Snapchat Emojis Pink Heart:

Snapchat Emojis
Snapchat Emojis Pink Heart

This means” You have been #1 BFs with each other for two months in a row. Commitment!”.

Snapchat Emojis Fire:

Snapchat Emojis
Snapchat Emojis Fire

If you can see this snapchat emojis that means” You are on a Snapstreak! You have snapped this individual consistently, and they have snapped you back. Increments with number of back to back days”.

Snapchat Emojis Hundred:

snapchat emojis

If you can see this snapchat emojis means “100 Day Snapstreak. The 100 emoji shows up beside the flame when you snap forward and backward with somebody for one hundred days in succession”.

Snapchat Emojis Birthday Cake:

Snapchat Emojis Birthday Cake

If you can see this snapchat emojis means  “his companion has a birthday today. Just shows if companion hosts the Birthday Gathering highlight empowered in settings”

Snapchat Emojis chat status:

Snapchat having smile face emoji appears like a status to identify the user returned to view the chat. This change to a blue unread-style dot when the person remains currently active.

Snapchat Emojis
                                Snapchat Emojis                                    

Snapchat Emojis For stories:

Snapchta Emojis that shown next to snapchat stories are used for officially verified accounts
Example s like pear, folded hands, siren, crown, cactus and bomb emojis.

These are all the Featured Emojis of snapchat. Use this wonderful social media application which is available in all platforms like Android, IOS, and Black berry. 

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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Snapchat Effects- The Best Snapchat Effects For your Snaps:

Posted by Kowsalya Nathan
Snapchat Effects- Best Effects For your Snaps: Hi Buddies welcome to snapchat world Do you want to know about Snapchat Effects. In this post We will share you the complete details and how to apply snapchat effects for your snaps easily.

Today we have a lot of social media applications to communicate and connect to the world rights some applications only got their place in the market some apps like Facebook, whatsapp, Line, Skype, Viber, Wechat etc..

The above application are having similar features like chatting, audio, video sharing but in this snapchat it is quite different from those applications that’s you now it is getting more downloads these days.

snapchat effects
snapchat effects

In all other applications after you took a photo you need some third party applications to edit your snaps but in snapchat you don't need any third party application to edit of do some effects for your snaps. Snapchat application it self it has Snapchat editors and snapchat filters to make your snaps more attractive so this is a main feature of snapchat. Adding friends list is another best feature in snapchat.

How to Apply Snapchat Effects:

Snapchat is a popular social networking and messaging apps for both iOS and android. It is a popular mobile apps application Snapchat is also a fun messaging app.  You can take a photo or a video with it. To save your photos or videos to your phone if you want to share these to your other social profiles.

snapchat effects
Snapchat filter enable

Then add a caption or doodle or lens grapic over top and send it to a friend. We can spend with our friends happily, because so many fun photos, videos, editing method lot of enjoyment available in snapchat Effects. So many people are like it. This is one of the platform to teenagers. According to the friends circle all told  about This provide the best way to express out thoughts and feelings with our close one or friends by photos and videos. Snap chat is easy to use and user friendly. 

In few years back any type of information was expressed to our friends only by make a  phone calls and letters. Lot  of time is wasted. But now a days lot of development occurs so we should also develop ourselves. That’s  one development is snapchat. No phone calls, no letter writing. We can use snapchat apps then send our photos and videos with in of our photos and videos fastly. Snapchat is not use for exchange  only photos and videos, that include lot of character transformation, facial contortions, face swapping etc...

snapchat effects
snapchat effects

we will take a look at all face effects you can create on  snapchat Effects using lenses effects and filters so you can be whatever you want to be.

Best Snapchat Effects:

 In Snapchat Effects you can add various fun filters, text and drawing your photos and videos  before sending them off.  Then newest update from snapchat is “Lenses Effects” which uses facial recognition to perform crazy animation. This lenses are specifically developed to create face  effects.
This lenses will give you different face effects..

Take any of your photo or your friends photo which you want to be convert or add effects,You can make your friends face photo like animal face, angry face, boy to girl converted face or make up face.
For this you need to get the latest version of Snapchat Effects to access lenses Effects.

snapchat lenses update click above

You can update snapchat from the app store or Google play store.

How to Use Snapchat Lenses Effects:

This is a most important feature of snapchat to make it more downloads. Because snapchat Effects(Lenses) make more entertainment and interesting with fun to use. The most recognizable lens was one of their first It has continue to push out lens regularly. This is a special effects and applying in real time using face detection. So we can watch how your actions affects the lenses screen live. Because lenses are interactive.

These are all the lenses that are currenly available with my version of WhatsApp. They are same for iPhone and Android phones.  Lenses work great with captions. These  face effects can be used to show your reactions to something or just for fun.

Snapchat Effects Eg: Open your mouth for the rainbows to continually waterfall out.


There are 10 free features lenses perday and they changed and You can purchasing more lenses also if you want more. Snapchat effectsLenses do not work with the majority of the android smarts phone.only the recent iPhone. The iPhone 4 and first generation ipad are not supported. Lenses requires android 4.3 or later for android devices. You can update snapchat from the app store or google play store.

Snapchat Effects Selfie mode:

Snapchat effects Lenses works by recognizing a face and them morping it with effects. Forward facing and rear facing camera use this one. Most important one front face camera easy to find. Opening the app will take you directly to your main camera. There are two ways to access the 

Forward- facing camera:

1. Tap in the right icon( a circle enclosed by two arrows), this will give you access to your forward- facing camera.

2. Simple double-tap the screen to switch between cameras..

Hold your phone away so you can see your Entire face. Lenses works best when you Can see your entire face in the frame. Also, make sure the lighting is decent, otherwise this may not work properly the facial recognition.

Snapchat Effects Face Making: 

You can change your face after a moment your face will be scanned. Then the lenses options will be appear on the screen. Select any one options that only appear on your face.. Text, color changing, drawing, feelings, emotional, and stickers following types  of icons available this app.



Differently used lenses: In app right and left lot of lenses available. Select one  that select option only appear. Always you take new choices. Some of the popular lenses are available.


rainbows, screaming, zombie, in love and crying

I you want wish your friend for exam. First took any snap then took the flowers icon , then  type the friend name. Then your wishes is appear.

Take  or record a snap: Ready-> click capture button ->  take snap- or press and hold record a video.
Android devices must be running 5.0  or laster to record video snaps with lense effects..


Sending your snap with snapchat effects:

 Click  a send icon then click it, contacts list is appear then select sending person name-> click that send icon.

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