How To Use Snapchat - The Complete Guide

Thursday, 16 June 2016

How To Use Snapchat - The Complete Guide

Posted by Kowsalya Nathan
How to Use Snapchat For New Snapchat Users :  Today most searchable android messenger or social media application is Snapchat. But How to use snapchat ? This is not like other texting and sharing application this is completely different and easy to use. The snapchat application is very user-friendly anyone can operate it simply. but the way of using this application is different from ordinary messenger application. Snapchat is making trend between friends and family people and college students. this is invented in 2011 to reach their people it took some time but now after  Facebook and WhatsApp snapchat occupied their place day by day more downloads are happening for snapchat. Okay, let's see what is new in this snapchat and why this is making the trend.

How to use snapchat
How to use snapchat

What is new in Snapchat?

Snapchat is an application which is available in all type of platforms those are listed below

In This application, you can share your memories through the snaps (photos) which you will take in your hand device (mobile).They way of sharing those snaps with your friends and family and your contacts are completely different from other from other photo sharing application.
The home screen of this snapchat is camera screen only so when you open you snapchat on your phone immediately  try  to access your camera directly.
Snapchat contains lot of exciting features within it we will see one by one

How to Use Snapchat
snapchat login 

Snapchat Texting 

Snapchat has texting option like other messenger application. But is the difference in snapchat is they provide more emojis. Snapchat emojis are displayed next to your friends in your friend list. 
This emojis will change based on the time and how those friends in your friend list will interact with you this feature is called snapchat emojis

snapchat group chat:

Snapchat provides to create the private group to share snaps and videos etc.

snapchat photos

snapchat allows you to take photos and share those with your friends and your family.

Snapchat video

Making a video in snapchat is very easy just hold the white button which is present in the bottom of your screen center then you can share or save in your phone storage.

Snapchat filters or Effects

snapchat application provides filters and effects to edit your snaps before sending snaps to your friends so there is no need of 3rd party software to download to edit and add filters to your snaps.

How to use snapchat?

From above list you can get all the new features of snapchat right then why are you waiting try to download snapchat for your hand device or desktop. After downloading the app what you have to do how to use snapchat in the remaining post we will share you those details.

how to use snapchat
how to use snapchat guide

How to Use Snapchat Text message :

this feature is normal feature like other application when you open your snapchat camera screen will open then on the left side bottom corner you can see a small box if you click that one it will open your chat or friend and group list you can add more friend from the add symbol in the top right corner.(you can invite your phone contact friends or gmail contact friends).
you can also chat with unknown friends also this is something different from whats app in whats app you can chat with only contact friends. But Snapchat allows you to add unknown person also to your friend list so this will make some new and different platform to communicate with others without knowing them before.

How to Use Snapchat Add friends:

You can add friends by different ways from the home screen click the bottom right corner menu button then you can see the new window in that add friends button will be there if you click that you can see the below options to add friends.

                         how to use snapchat                  how to use snapchat

                                                    How to use snapchat add friend option

1.  Add by Username

From the snapchat Username, you can find the person and you can add then in you snapchat friends list.

2. Add from Address Book

Adding friends from the phone book( phone contact) list 

3. Add by Snapcode

Adding friends from the snapcode this is pretty interesting you have to scan your friends snapcode from their phone then the person contact will be added to your list

4. Add near By

Add nearby friends for this snapchat try to access your GPS so allow the application to access GPS then only it will find the people nearby you.

 How to Use Snapchat Editor and Filter

After took a snap from your phone you can edit it immediately before send or share to your friend and family  lot of options will be there after you took a snap in the screen 
  •  Double tap on the screen to make a story of your snap and share it with your friends and contacts.
  • Swipe left or right to add effects or filters for your photos 
  • To add stickers on your photos use the button which is located in the third position from the right top corner. 
  • To add watermark or write anything from your finger that is also possible in this application.
  • You can set a timer for your story to available to visible to your shared person.

how to use snapchat
                                                        How to use snapchat Filters and Effects

You can also find stories from the search option in the second right screen this will be more interesting.

How to Use Snapchat Snapchat Emojis

People heard lot about this snapchat application but they don't know how to use snapchat effectively
Snapchat emojis are the very famous feature in snapchat.

how to use snapchat
snapchat Emojis

Friend Emojis are a really pretty fun feature and a way to learn a little more about your friends and their interaction on this snapchat application. Lot of emojis are there to know more about  snapchat Emojis click below link

How to Use Snapchat Settings 

From the snapchat home screen center top of the screen you can see the ghost snapchat logo click that one then the dropdown menu will open. In that right corner, the settings button will be their use this option you can do all your privacy settings and edit your profile all settings like blocking a person a very thing we can do with this settings option.

how to use snapchat
snapchat settings

Thank you for reading this article if you have any queries please feel free to communicate with us use the comment box below.

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