Official Snapchat Apk Free Download

Monday, 13 June 2016

Official Snapchat Apk Free Download

Posted by Kowsalya Nathan

Official Snapchat Apk free Download : Hi guys snapchat apk is the world's best application.The latest release of  snapchat apk is version which made more downloads in all app markets. In this site you can download of Snapchat apk freely. If your really like to connect with people and social media then this type of applications is very much important to Install in your hand device. Using this snapchat apk you can chat with your friends & family. Today the world is getting more trendy people are always changing their tastes and their expectations so for those kind of people this is a best entertaining app (snapchat apk). Smartphone users communicate in simple way  without any problem. Android smart phone users can get different type of face to face application available in the apk market.but this application is quite different from others.
snapchat apk freedownload
snapchat apk freedownload
so guys snapchat apk is the best android application to  share your snap and communicate with  your friend's and family. snapchat apk is the best security application this will not have a back up of your snaps it means the server will delete the snaps after the person whom you send was seen. Ater took an image and you can share your image with more people at the same time for that snapchat provide you the group chat. Before send image with your can select the snap and you can edit your snap like however you want. There are lot of tools provided by Snapchat apk to Edit your snaps. To send snap with snpachat apk follow the steps bellow this is very simple to follow.

snapchat apk download
Snapchat home screen

How to take a snap and send using Snapchat apk 

Step. 1 

To Use Snapchat Apk for taking snap you need to download snapchat apk first  then install that in your handset device.

Step. 2

To run this application with out any issue at least you need to have 1 GB ram with camera phone.

Step. 3

Choose your device platform apk before download because Snapchat apk is available for all kind of mobile Os platforms. You can get snapchat for android, Snapchat for windows, Snapchat for Blackberry, Snapchat for IOS.

Step. 4 

Open your snapchat application it will directly access your camera. Home screen of this snapchat is camera screen. In the lower right hand corner there is one menu to discover friends and stories.

Step. 5

Then use the white round button in the lower center to take a snap to hold that button for few seconds to take a video that it pretty simple right

Step. 6

Ater took a photo there are more options in the bottom of thge screen which are edit option,save option,timer option then add more photos finally left corner you can see the arrow button which will help you to share your snaps

snapchat apk download,snapchat features,snapchat effects
Snapchat home screen
all steps are shown below as an image take a look once.

Featues of Snapchat apk:

1. Can take photos and share with our friends and our phone contacts family.

2. You can also find the unknow person by find friend option to get interact and chat with them.

3. Text, Voice and video chat are available.

4. You can Edit and share your photos 

5.  Story making is one of the best feature of snapchat apk.

6. it will not store your photos permanently delete after the shared person seen. 

These are all the features of Snapchat apk.


snapchat apk free download

This wonder full snapchat apk is free of cost you can download this app very easily. use the below links to download snapchat according to your device Platform.

snapchat apk download
Download snapchat apk

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