Snapchat Effects- The Best Snapchat Effects For your Snaps:

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Snapchat Effects- The Best Snapchat Effects For your Snaps:

Posted by Kowsalya Nathan
Snapchat Effects- Best Effects For your Snaps: Hi Buddies welcome to snapchat world Do you want to know about Snapchat Effects. In this post We will share you the complete details and how to apply snapchat effects for your snaps easily.

Today we have a lot of social media applications to communicate and connect to the world rights some applications only got their place in the market some apps like Facebook, whatsapp, Line, Skype, Viber, Wechat etc..

The above application are having similar features like chatting, audio, video sharing but in this snapchat it is quite different from those applications that’s you now it is getting more downloads these days.

snapchat effects
snapchat effects

In all other applications after you took a photo you need some third party applications to edit your snaps but in snapchat you don't need any third party application to edit of do some effects for your snaps. Snapchat application it self it has Snapchat editors and snapchat filters to make your snaps more attractive so this is a main feature of snapchat. Adding friends list is another best feature in snapchat.

How to Apply Snapchat Effects:

Snapchat is a popular social networking and messaging apps for both iOS and android. It is a popular mobile apps application Snapchat is also a fun messaging app.  You can take a photo or a video with it. To save your photos or videos to your phone if you want to share these to your other social profiles.

snapchat effects
Snapchat filter enable

Then add a caption or doodle or lens grapic over top and send it to a friend. We can spend with our friends happily, because so many fun photos, videos, editing method lot of enjoyment available in snapchat Effects. So many people are like it. This is one of the platform to teenagers. According to the friends circle all told  about This provide the best way to express out thoughts and feelings with our close one or friends by photos and videos. Snap chat is easy to use and user friendly. 

In few years back any type of information was expressed to our friends only by make a  phone calls and letters. Lot  of time is wasted. But now a days lot of development occurs so we should also develop ourselves. That’s  one development is snapchat. No phone calls, no letter writing. We can use snapchat apps then send our photos and videos with in of our photos and videos fastly. Snapchat is not use for exchange  only photos and videos, that include lot of character transformation, facial contortions, face swapping etc...

snapchat effects
snapchat effects

we will take a look at all face effects you can create on  snapchat Effects using lenses effects and filters so you can be whatever you want to be.

Best Snapchat Effects:

 In Snapchat Effects you can add various fun filters, text and drawing your photos and videos  before sending them off.  Then newest update from snapchat is “Lenses Effects” which uses facial recognition to perform crazy animation. This lenses are specifically developed to create face  effects.
This lenses will give you different face effects..

Take any of your photo or your friends photo which you want to be convert or add effects,You can make your friends face photo like animal face, angry face, boy to girl converted face or make up face.
For this you need to get the latest version of Snapchat Effects to access lenses Effects.

snapchat lenses update click above

You can update snapchat from the app store or Google play store.

How to Use Snapchat Lenses Effects:

This is a most important feature of snapchat to make it more downloads. Because snapchat Effects(Lenses) make more entertainment and interesting with fun to use. The most recognizable lens was one of their first It has continue to push out lens regularly. This is a special effects and applying in real time using face detection. So we can watch how your actions affects the lenses screen live. Because lenses are interactive.

These are all the lenses that are currenly available with my version of WhatsApp. They are same for iPhone and Android phones.  Lenses work great with captions. These  face effects can be used to show your reactions to something or just for fun.

Snapchat Effects Eg: Open your mouth for the rainbows to continually waterfall out.


There are 10 free features lenses perday and they changed and You can purchasing more lenses also if you want more. Snapchat effectsLenses do not work with the majority of the android smarts phone.only the recent iPhone. The iPhone 4 and first generation ipad are not supported. Lenses requires android 4.3 or later for android devices. You can update snapchat from the app store or google play store.

Snapchat Effects Selfie mode:

Snapchat effects Lenses works by recognizing a face and them morping it with effects. Forward facing and rear facing camera use this one. Most important one front face camera easy to find. Opening the app will take you directly to your main camera. There are two ways to access the 

Forward- facing camera:

1. Tap in the right icon( a circle enclosed by two arrows), this will give you access to your forward- facing camera.

2. Simple double-tap the screen to switch between cameras..

Hold your phone away so you can see your Entire face. Lenses works best when you Can see your entire face in the frame. Also, make sure the lighting is decent, otherwise this may not work properly the facial recognition.

Snapchat Effects Face Making: 

You can change your face after a moment your face will be scanned. Then the lenses options will be appear on the screen. Select any one options that only appear on your face.. Text, color changing, drawing, feelings, emotional, and stickers following types  of icons available this app.



Differently used lenses: In app right and left lot of lenses available. Select one  that select option only appear. Always you take new choices. Some of the popular lenses are available.


rainbows, screaming, zombie, in love and crying

I you want wish your friend for exam. First took any snap then took the flowers icon , then  type the friend name. Then your wishes is appear.

Take  or record a snap: Ready-> click capture button ->  take snap- or press and hold record a video.
Android devices must be running 5.0  or laster to record video snaps with lense effects..


Sending your snap with snapchat effects:

 Click  a send icon then click it, contacts list is appear then select sending person name-> click that send icon.

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