Snapchat For Windows Phone - Download

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Snapchat For Windows Phone - Download

Posted by Kowsalya Nathan
Snapchat For Windows Phone -Is Available Now?:

First of all you were surfed something about Snapchat for windows phone right. But unfortunately there is no official Snapchat app for windows phone.But still we can use the snapchat app from the the third party client. Snapchat has an old controversial history on Windows Phone.There is no official app available for Snapchat  for wimdows phone with  its fans on the stage persevering, then finding huge dissatisfaction. There has never been an authority application for Snapchat for Windows Phone and that doesn't seem to change at any point in the near future in spite of the objection from the group. Both Android and iOS have an authority Snapchat application and a flourishing client base, leaving Windows Mobiles clients on the seat with regards to snapping and talking on the go.

Snapchat Hidden and unknown features are really awesome try to use those tricks for your snaps you will definatly like those features. Snapchat features are applied in latest updates of snapchat application.

Snapchat for windows Phone
Snapchat for windows Phone
As of not long ago, Snapchatters on Windows Phone had outsider answers for browse, for example, the superb 6Snap. Be that as it may, after Snapchat clasped down on informal customers guiding into their frameworks, all outsider applications were evacuated. Thus the circumstance is presently one of no applications and a ton of baffled clients.

Third party Snapchat for windows Phone:

Snapchat  for Android is available and Snapchat for IOS also but in microsoft app store  this is banned because of its security and third party problem with Microsoft(Snapchat For Windows Phone).

Snapchat for windows Phone
Snapchat alternative for windows Phone
In October of 2014, about 200,000 Snapchat records were gotten to because of a security break. This was known as the "Snappening" photographs and recordings being distributed on the web. Snapchat said this security rupture was because of an outsider application and started sending messages and banning clients who still utilized any outsider applications as a deterrent measure.considering Snapchat confronted lawful investigation with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) only a couple of months earlier. Snapchat made quick move and started banning outsider applications.

Snapchat for windows Phone
Snapchat for windows Phone
This conveys us to another third party Snapchat application for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile called Specter (here's the connection to the Windows Store application posting) which was conveyed to our consideration this week. This application costs $1.49 and apparently permits you to login to Snapchat with your record points of interest, send picture messages, and get content, picture, and video messages. It's an extremely fundamental application that does not have a great deal of components and shine. However, here's the thing. We don't prescribe you squander your cash on this application for the accompanying reasons.

The Apps Like 6Snap used "reverse-engineered" APIs to get them into Snapchat. And it was third-party apps that were ultimately responsible for the security breach.

First of  all  Snapchat will find this application and have it expelled from the Windows Store. Not just will you be squandering your cash buying the application, yet you won't get any backing or overhauls. Also, odds are you will get your record banned or bolted for utilizing the outsider application. We definitely know Snapchat will put everything on the line to manage protection and security concerns, particularly considering their lawful issues with the FTC, so don't waste your time.

How to Use Snapchat For Windows Phone:

In this way Snapchat for windows phone, is  not absolutely outlandish move, Snapchat began to clasp down on its clients not sending their Snaps through authority channels. In the first place by offering a notice, then by locking records, and afterward the greatest blow of all, having outsider applications expelled from the Store. 

Snapchat for windows Phone
Snapchat for windows Phone

What's more, that implies starting right now, Windows Phone has no Snapchat. At all.

To get Swap chat on your windows phone follow the below steps:

1. developer unlock your phone

2.Then Download Visual Studio (with Windows Phone SDK) .

3.Now Download the Swapchat XAP file.

4.Finaly Use Application Deployment to deploy Swapchat to your phone.

5.Last warning is this is not an official snapchat and not that much you expect it will be similar like
snapchat all features.

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