Snapchat Unknown Hidden Features - Complete Tips

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Snapchat Unknown Hidden Features - Complete Tips

Posted by Kowsalya Nathan
Snapchat Unknown Hidden Features - Complete Tips:  Features of Snapchat is very difficult to find all unknown features are now revealed here try to read the complete post to get more exciting features of this wonderful application called Snapchat Features.

Snapchat Features
Snapchat Features
You know Snapchat making trends in social media now so using these tricks will make your snap more unique so try to read complete post and apply that feature.

Snapchat Features -Use 2 Filters at Same Time:

I think you will not try this one. It is simple to use and very effective to your snap. First, you need to take a snap or select any snap which your want.

Snapchat Filters
Snapchat Filters
Next, You will get an editor screen of your Snap in that you can just swap your finger on the snap from right to left or left to right you can see the filters and select any one filter now to apply another filter you just hold the finger in the screen use any other finger to swap again on the screen now you can apply another filter also in the same snap it is pretty simple and cool right just try it, buddy.

Two-Step Security Verification For Your Snapchat Account:

Nowadays double verification is very important social media application. so here you can add two-step verification very easily in this Snapchat application. so after you add this feature if you try to sign in with another device it will ask you the security code via SMS.

Follow the steps below to activate this two-step security:

1. Go to app's settings.
2. Select "login verification".

Snapchat feature Tips
Snapchat features Tips 
You can also change your verification number which will use to get the verification code.

Extra Text Space For Your Snaps.

A convenient approach to dodging as far as possible is utilizing the Notes application. Select a scope of clear content and duplicate it to your clipboard. At that point, open Snapchat and glue it into the content field in your snap.
It is very simple to do and you will get a larger space to share your thoughts in multiple lines enjoy.

Adding AudioTo your Snapchat Videos:

This is very awesome feature dude. Snapchat Features gives you a chance to add your own one of a kind music to your snap recordings and it's entirely simple. You should simply play the tune you need in your video through a music player application on your cell phone. At the point when the melody is playing, simply ahead and record a video on Snapchat. That is it and when you play the video, the music will be a piece of the video.

Enable Travel Mode To Reduce Data Wastage:

Gratefully, Snapchat incorporates a cool "Travel Mode", which decreases portable information utilization by not stacking any snaps consequently. At the point when the Travel Mode is empowered, you will need to physically tap to load content like snaps or stories. It's incapacitated as a matter of course, so you will need to make a beeline for application's Settings->Manage (Additional Services) and empower Travel Mode.

Add Friends By Location:

This feature is completely different from other social media application like WhatsApp and Facebook. in this feature, you can search people by their location and you can send a request to get them in your friend list. Today everyone is eager to get interact with new people that is unknown persons so to full fill snap chat really will help you guys. 

Most of the people don't know how to add friends and family people from various methods. Just swipe down the home screen of the snap chat application. You will get the menu from that choose add friends then you can see the list of add friends methods like 
  • Add by Username
  • Add from Address Book
  • Add by Snapcode
  • Add Nearby
Now select "Add Nearby" option It will Search For the person who is nearly using snapcat and you can get the list of friends you can send request easily by select them.

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