How to Unlock MY Snapchat Account and Get Your Account Active

Monday, 17 October 2016

How to Unlock MY Snapchat Account and Get Your Account Active

Posted by Kowsalya Nathan
How to Unlock My Snapchat Account:  The best conversation app for all iPhone users is snapchat we all know about this. Now you are here because I think your snapchat account is locked right. This is not only for you, it happened to a lot of snapchat users for the past few months. It is a common problem now so here in this post I will tell or guide you how to unlock your locked snapchat account by few easy steps. try to look this How to use snapchat properly .

How to unlock snapchat
How to unlock snapchat 
Before Going to that why this thing is happening why they are locking the accounts. The following are the reasons behind why snapchat account is getting locked by snapchat team.

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Reasons of Snapchat Getting Locked:

Unlock snapchat account in windows phone
Unlock snapchat account in windows phone
  • Snapchat user is like to use the related phantom, Cydia is popular jailbreak tweak between the users. Be that as it may, the late crackdown of Snapchat has left clients dispossessed of this superb change, which permits them to parody areas, spare media, set custom warning sounds and the sky is the limit from there. So snapchat gets locked because of this tweaks.
  • Using third party application or tweaks to use snapchat on your device is the main reason.
  • Adding too many friends before get verified your account from snapchat team.
  • Sending an unwanted and spamming messages or images this will also be the reason.

Steps to Unlock Your Snapchat Account :

how to unlock snapchat account on iphone
                how to unlock snapchat account on iphon                         
  • Please, you should remove any snapchat tweak that you have already like phantom Go to Cydia on your iPhone →Then click on Install from bottom → Now click on Phantom Cydia Tweak →Click on Modify → Tap on Remove from Pop-up options.
  • If you have received a message from snapchat team like your snapchat account is temporarily locked. And try to login after few days.  At this time you can visit here to unlock snapchat account. Try to uninstall all the third party applications or plugins from  your windows phone or another iphone before try to unlock your account.we are sorry, you are unable to unlock your account at this time.
  • If the above process is not working you can also send an email to snapchat team about your problem like account locked. And wait for their response
  • If they didn’t respond your mail now it's time to use social media raise a complaint and tweet that and tag with @snapchatsupport This will help you surely.
  • First of all windows phone user are affected by this problem why because they are not having an official snapchat application and should wait for that.

Okay, guys, these are all the steps and solutions to unlock your snapchat account. Try to share your thoughts using the below comment box.

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